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Co2 Air Compressors


If you're in the beverage industry, you know that carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential for many of your processes. CO2 is used to carbonate beverages, to remove oxygen from packaging, and to create aseptic conditions for food production.

But how do you get your hands on CO2? The answer is with a CO2 air compressor. A CO2 air compressor is a machine that uses compressed air to force CO2 gas into a liquid or solid form. This liquid or solid CO2 can then be used in your beverage production processes.

Co2 Air Compressors Technical Parameters

Model No. Power Noise db Max Pressure  RPM Air Flow m3/d
S-0.3/D 4 kw 50-60 1.5 MPa 3000 >300
S-0.5/D 5.5 kw 50-65 1.6 MPa 3000 >500
S-1.0/D 7.5 kw 50-65 1.6 MPa 3000 >1000
S-1.5/D 11 kw 50-65 1.6 MPa 3000 >1500
S-5.0/D 15 kw 50-65 1.6 MPa 3000 >2000
S-6.0/D 22 kw 50-65 1.5 MPa 3000 >3000
S-5.0/D 30 kw 50-85 1.5 MPa 3000 >5000
S-8.0/D 45 kw 50-85 1.5 MPa 3000 >8000
S-10.0/D 55 kw <85 1.5 MPa 3000 >10000

Co2 Air Compressors Benefit

Increased Productivity: CO2 air compressors help increase your productivity by providing you with a reliable source of CO2.

Improved product quality: CO2 air compressors help you improve the quality of your beverages by providing you with a steady source of CO2.

Reduced costs: CO2 air compressors help you reduce costs by allowing you to produce your own CO2.

Increased safety: CO2 air compressors help you increase the safety of your beverage production process by providing you with a controlled environment for handling CO2.

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