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Remarks :

one. A – Fan CZPT W – Water Cooling 
two.The Trend refers to a worth in which the unit is tested in accordance with ISO1217(GB/T3853) beneath the load circumstances. 
3.The Sound level conform to ISO 2151 and 9614-2 at complete operational strain and speed noise tolerance +-3 dB(A).

Working Strain:

7-ten bar
102-a hundred forty five psig

Cost-free air delivery:

1.65-70.3 m³/min
58-2483 cfm

Doing work Electrical power:

eleven-355 kw
fifteen-476 hp

Merchandise Functions:

  • Adopt global brand variable frequency push for the VFD motor
  • Sophisticated total frequency conversion framework and technique
  • Innovative vector handle technologies
  • Frequency conversion gentle begin, considerably less affect on the electrical power grid, far more dependable operation, lengthier life
  • Higher-efficiency power-saving minimizes about 30% ~ fifty% energy use
  • Continuous pressure air provide, stress fluctuation can be stable inside ±0.01Mpa, properly increase the high quality of air supply
  • The noise stage is decrease, about 3 to 7 decibels reduced than that of a standard compressor.

Basic principle of UC-VFD Sequence

The variable frequency push (VFD) air compressor requires the user-stop system pressure as the handle item, constitutes the shut-loop control method with frequency converter, strain sensor, and VFD motor. The VFD doing work strain may set right by way of the procedure panel, the sensor detects the technique force and converts into 4 ~ 20mA present sign to comments to the controller. The controller compares the PID calculation with the functioning stress below technique frequency conversion environment, as a result managing the output frequency of the converter, and alterations the velocity of the motor to make certain the exact matching in between the output and the air demand from customers of the consumer to accomplish the aim of consistent strain air supply and vitality preserving.

High Performance Vitality-Conserving Air Finish

  • UCS air end very identified by the air compression sector with its refined style and precision production.
  • With adopting big diameter and the balanced duration-diameter ratio of the screw rotors, the optimized design and style primarily based on the new 4th era rotor moulded line subjected to increased-effectiveness, so that the get in touch with surface area, make contact with line, leak triangle and hydrodynamic characteristics of rotors could attain the ideal performance, additional improved the volume effectiveness. This screw rotor then has higher adiabatic performance and lower energy usage.
  • By utilizing imported big-sized large-obligation bearing and special bearing format, at the very same time of making sure the bearing rigidity, the bearing potential is considerably enhanced, support lifestyle lengthened, and its high trustworthiness could hold even beneath the severe problem.
  • The lip type shaft seal of the spiral groove suits with the shaft sleeve produced of high-grade bearing metal, ensuring the wear resistance of the shaft seal and shaft sleeve. The shaft seal has a pumping perform with high reliability and leakage resistance.


Cabinet Structure Layout

The cabinet construction divided into CZPT and heating chambers which means far better warmth dissipation. All the functional components found in the CZPT chamber to prolong provider lifestyle.

The rational format layout received national patent which integrating the electrical system, producing it simple to operate and could put in with out basis on the website. Inside of, the CZPT and heating chambers do not have an effect on each other and grow the inside space of the cabinet. The optimized inside air circulation ensures complete CZPT of all functional components, extending their support lives. On the exterior, the closed kind removable cabinet with developed-in higher-good quality fireplace retardant and audio insulation sponges decreases noises successfully.

This structure layout not only meets the environmental defense needs but also effortless to provider.

Higher-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filtration:

Hefty-responsibility air CZPT technique powered by Donaldson Usa, with CZPT accuracy up to 99.9% for particles higher than 3μm. Ideal for all kinds of hefty dust environments.

Oil Filter:

Donaldson oil filters, substantial quality of clear filtration, successfully defend the protected procedure of the air finish bearing, prolong the service existence of the air end.

Oil and Air Separation Method:

Euro design and style effective oil and air separation core, glass fiber filter material, long existence, much more productive, no need for repeated replacement. The aggregate separation core and the oil return unit work together, recuperate and recycle the lubricating oil properly, steering clear of oil in excess of-spraying, and guaranteeing the oil content material of the compressor exhaust ≤2ppm.

All New Temperature Handle and Oil Filter Mix Valves

This patent awarding design integrates the temperature handle and oil filter valves which can make the interior piping relationship more concise, and less leakage factors that reduce the prevalence rate of fault. A lot more importantly, it even more decreases the force fall, attain much more energy-saving and stay away from hurdles like tube vibration fracture and leakage in the separated set up of the oil filter base and temperature management price.

Temperature Management Valve

Run by AMOT of the Uk
Precisely controls the oil return temperature at 65°C. If the oil return temperature way too substantial, the oil movie will harm and outcomes in oil deteriorate, CZPT and sealing degrade, also effortlessly to carbon deposit if the oil temperature is as well minimal, the drinking water will individual from the air, and the oil will emulsify and deteriorate, impacting the services life of the air conclude. As a result, the temperature control worth is the critical assurance of steady operation of our compressor.

EPC Smart Management System

UCS Compressors geared up with an Digital Stress Controller (EPC) to assure the automatic intelligent operation of the device. By way of examine of exhaust force, temperature and other sensor knowledge, the inlet valve controls the exhaust force amongst the higher and decrease restrictions of the preset stress to output stable strain. When compressor idling way too prolonged, the program will routinely shut down and restart when the air supply is requested, not only outputting continuous pressure but also CZPT the power preserving. Meanwhile, the technique may possibly quickly diagnose all discipline faults in the course of the running procedure, furthest guaranteeing the dependable procedure of the compressor and extending the services life.

Local Management

  • The screen language obtainable in English and Chinese, gentle-touch buttons, and the menu operation is intuitive, quick and convenient.
  • Consumer may possibly preset and handle the hold off time of star-delta switching, starting up, loading, shutdown, overpressure and others throughout the procedure.
  • Allow person to view and handle field faults.
  • Person may store and look for background faults via labeled sorts and occurrence times.
  • Inner calendar with precise timing and permit adjustment.
  • User may possibly accumulate and shop the functioning time, loading time, unloading time, and filter service time.
  • Person may check out all preset parameters and cumulative time at any time in the course of operation.

User may possibly modify and shop parameters to preset when necessary.

Linkage Manage

Consumer may possibly set 1 compressor as the central device and other individuals as the auxiliary or standby models (maximum sixteen units) to represent the linkage control of many compressors, assuring the financial and stable air offer, and may possibly routinely alter the commence/quit sequence of every compressor by using EPC and stability the accrued functioning time of each and every compressor.

Remote Control

The dispersed handle method (DCS) remotely controls the startup, shutdown, fault output and early warning sign through passive dry contacts.

Learn Laptop Control

  • The learn personal computer remotely interlock-controls 2 units or a lot more of compressors, collects and displays area indicators, coordinates control and laptop procedure. By means of the setting of learn personal computer parameters, the person may possibly obtain the thorough administration of the compressor units at any time, to get secure compressed air in the set stress assortment.
  • Obtain and display much field information
  • Vivid graphical interfaces
  • Checking working standing of tools
  • Records essential info to the database
  • Instantly create knowledge history report for afterwards analysis
  • Placing of functioning parameters of compressor controller
  • Craze curves of pressure, temperature and other parameters
  • Real-time and history alarm
  • The operating is permissions secured. Need password to crucial operations.
  • One compressor unit check
  • Upkeep or substitute reminder of susceptible compressor components.

* UCS gives a range of PLC method centralized control schemes according to the genuine demands of customers, effectuates gentleman-equipment interface via IPC, Lcd and configuration software, and communicates with DCS in the consumer technique to distant checking, which has the benefits of multi unites management and robust impartial development capability.

Variable Frequency Pace Regulation Technologies & Perfect Energy Saving Result

Making use of UCS Variable Frequency Pace Regulation Screw Air Compressor, you do not want to be concerned about difficult electrical installation and programming. The compressor device is made fully prior to leaving the manufacturing unit it will instantly function when the power supply linked. The force modify of the air program is continually detected, and the rotation pace is modified properly making use of strong EPC, trying to keep the outlet air regular with the need of the consumer method at all time. The response time of EPC calculation is at the millisecond stage, and the correction to speed completes inside 3ms to correctly control the outlet air strain inside of .1bar. Our developed-in filter assures risk-free and trustworthy procedure of the frequency converter. For the duration of the use method, you do not require to difficulties about difficulties this kind of as “harmonic wave” and “radio frequency interference”. The dedicated  Automated Energy Optimization  (AEO) operate ensures the frequency converter give the bare minimum energy to the motor correctly according to the true load. It could preserve up to 10% electricity and minimizes the compressor noises.


Firm Profile

UNITED COMPRESSOR Systems has a series of screw compressors with the power of 5.5~630kW, Trend of .69~120m3/min and strain variety of .2~1.5MPa. At UCS, we also provide providers this kind of as layout, manufacturing, training procedure of the air compression station, technological enhancement of strength-saving and tailored varieties. The thought of wholeheartedly customer serving makes our rate regular and extended.

To help save area and install pipelines, the sequence of smart all-in-1 screw compressor developed by UCS integrates compressor, air storage tank, refrigerated dryer and filter into 1 unit, which is equivalent to a miniature air compressor station. The device commonly utilised in dentistry, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, laboratory, electronics, semiconductor, vineyard, beverage, meals packaging, laser reducing, and other industries ended up requiring pure air and tiny-scale air offer.

Quality Assurance

In 2003, UCS Compressor accredited with ISO9001 Quality Management Technique and ISO14001 Environmental Management Technique Certificates. The business strictly follows the top quality need of Crosby’s “doing it right the initial time”, persists in the operating common of “zero defect”, regards the “It is immoral to produce a defective item” as the conditions of measuring the top quality. UCS devotes itself to the ongoing improvement of merchandise all the time.

Packing & Transport



1. Q: How about our soon after-product sales provider?

A: Emails or phone calls for feedbacks in 2 months interval.

2. Q:What trade terms do we give?

A: Trade phrase :CIF ,CFR ,FOB,Ex-Works .  

3. Q: What variety of settlement currency do we offer?

A: We do any variety of forex this kind of as US dollar, euro, RMB, and so forth.

four. Q: How long is the supply time of our solution?

A: Our standard shipping and delivery time is thirty times soon after confirmation order & getting recipets for regular compressors, for the other non standard need will be reviewed circumstance by case.

5. Q: How to set up our compressor?

A: Installation assistance and on-website commissioning presented by trained technicians or nearby authorised services crew.

six. Q: What is actually the Min. Buy necessity ? 

A: Our Min, Buy amount is 1pc.


Make contact with us :

Firm Title : United Compressor Programs (HangZhou) Co.,Ltd.

Make contact with Preson : Junyao (Clare) Feng 

If you are fascinated in our items, you should really feel totally free to make contact with us. We sincerely seem ahead to cooperating with you to develop and create collectively.

Decide on an Air Compressor for Your Enterprise

There are many factors to take into account when picking an air compressor for your enterprise. 1 aspect to contemplate is the variety of compressor you are searching for, which may possibly contain solitary-stage, minimal sound, and optimistic displacement. Hope this post helps you make the proper selection. Following all, your enterprise achievement will count on this unit! Let’s take a closer look at these elements. Also, take into account what compressor makers say about their products.

Positive displacement

Good displacement air compressors compress air by drawing in a quantity from an inlet and extruding it out of a chamber. This raises the pressure at which the gas can be pumped at charges that can not be pumped by way of the outlet at reduce pressures at higher mass stream charges. These sorts of compressors are obtainable in solitary-performing and double-acting configurations. They are categorized by the quantity of cylinders.
There are two distinct sorts of air compressors: reciprocating air compressors and screw compressors. Equally are roll machines. Optimistic displacement air compressors use pistons and cylinders to compress air. The resulting air stress builds up within the compressor housing, growing the likely energy of the compressed air. Screw air compressors are the most common optimistic displacement air compressors, which can be either solitary-phase screw-blade air compressors or multi-phase screw-blade oil-immersed screw air compressors.
Constructive displacement flowmeters use a rotating measuring chamber to divide the fluid into discrete portions. The quantity of instances the chamber was refilled and emptied was used to estimate the overall stream. Nevertheless, constructive displacement stream meters are prone to leaks, decreasing the accuracy of the estimates. If a leak happens, it can cause bogus readings and harm the compressor. Even so, leaks in good displacement air compressors can decrease stress.
The most widespread varieties of positive displacement air compressors are screw, reciprocating, and vane. Rotary optimistic displacement air compressors are also obtainable as well as numerous other air compressors. Good displacement air compressors are most commonly utilized in big manufacturing facilities. If you are contemplating an air compressor for industrial or industrial apps, it is critical to realize how the components of the unit operate. Remember to read through the information underneath to discover more before selecting which application is greatest for you.
Positive displacement air compressors use a piston to drive air into a chamber, compressing the air in the process. The piston moves in the reverse route, thereby minimizing the quantity of the chamber. When the volume of air in the chamber reaches its greatest value, the valve opens, enabling it to escape at greater stress. Positive displacement air compressors are usually less effective than centrifugal compressors. Nonetheless, they are even now an excellent selection for a variety of programs.


The discharge force of the single-phase air compressor is utilised to manage the operation of the compressor. Appropriately created load/unload controls let the air compressor to operate at its most efficient position while minimizing tension on the primary engine bearings. Single-phase air compressors can strategy variable velocity effectiveness with appropriate storage potential. Even so, incorrect storage can result in premature bearing wear on the principal unit. If this is the circumstance, a one-stage air compressor may not be best.
A single-phase air compressor has only one cylinder, which means one stroke is needed to move air from one particular cylinder to yet another. Stress is measured in cubic ft per minute or CFM. Tank dimensions is also essential as a big solitary-stage air compressor might be necessary to run several air resources. Solitary-stage air compressors can be employed in a variety of programs and can final for several years.
For the most frequent employs, solitary-phase air compressors are the most functional choice. These gadgets work with most hand resources, from hammers to grinders. One-stage air compressors are lightweight and effortless to transfer. Nonetheless, two-stage air compressors offer far more CFM, creating them a greater selection for industrial or business use. Nevertheless, two-phase compressors are not suited for private use. Consequently, if your principal purpose is Do it yourself and craft assignments, it is far better to choose a one-phase air compressor.
In contrast with two-phase air compressors, one-stage screw air compressors are less expensive. They appear from a selection of makers and variety in electricity from 3 to 600 horsepower. Single-stage air compressors are a price-successful resolution for a range of air compressor needs. They provide adaptability and multiple control methods, making them an outstanding choice for many various apps. Therefore, when selecting an air compressor for your company, choose the one particular with the most suited functions.
One-stage air compressors are the most inexpensive and effortless-to-use air compressors for little to medium positions. They also have larger compression ratios. The compression ratio is the ratio of absolute discharge pressure to absolute inlet pressure. When calculating the ratio, it requires into account atmospheric stress and gauge force. The compression ratio pushes the area location of ​​the rotor, which boosts the thrust load.
Solitary-phase air compressors are smaller and less complicated to transport than two-phase units. One-stage air compressors have one particular air consumption, and two-phase air compressors have two air intakes. The big difference among single-phase and two-stage air compressors mostly is dependent on the variety of instances the air is compressed. A one-phase air compressor compresses the air as soon as, although a dual-phase air compressor compresses the exact same amount of air 2 times.

low sound

Reduced sounds air compressors are ideal for a variety of purposes. Whilst no air compressor is fully silent, some models are significantly quieter than others. For the Hitachi EC28M transportable compressor, the noise stage is fifty nine decibels. The compressor functions steel rollers that shield the inside parts and give it a smooth, modern day look. It also has a 1-gallon fuel tank and a half-horsepower generate.
Sound from air compressors can be distracting and lessen productivity. It is important to pick low-sounds air compressors to maintain workers wholesome and pleased at work. Although sound is an unfortunate aspect of functioning on the shop flooring, decreasing it can improve productiveness. By decreasing distracting noise, personnel can focus on their perform and connect a lot more efficiently. That implies higher good quality work and happier customers. If you’re searching for a reduced-sounds air compressor, be confident to read the tips under.
Low sounds air compressors are an outstanding selection for companies of all dimensions. These potent equipment can operate multiple instruments simultaneously. The two water tanks are manufactured of rust-resistant aluminum and are stackable. This air compressor is heavier and can take care of large jobs with ease. It fees far more than other air compressors, but it can handle a whole lot of work successfully. CZPT Air Tools air compressors arrive with a one particular-year guarantee and are extremely advised by contractors.
Noiseless air compressors are typically far more expensive than comparable items, but they are really worth the extra cost. Noiseless compressors are a great alternative for companies that need to have to steer clear of disturbing nearby men and women. For example, you may possibly want to take into account a minimal-sound air compressor for a dental office, which are not able to tolerate noise. Thankfully, this problem can be solved by relocating the compressor to a location that is far more isolated from your workspace.
One particular brand name of minimal-noise air compressors provides two versions. The CZPT Air Instruments 2010A attributes a massive cast aluminum can, regulating force gauge, and two universal rapid-connects. It produces 68 decibels of sound when it functions. It has a big 8-gallon fuel tank ability and has wheels and handles for easy transport. Its powerful motor produces a low sounds level of 68 decibels.
One more well-known minimal sounds air compressor is the Makita MAC210Q Quiet Collection. This product is able of producing up to seventy one.5 decibels of sound, which is the quantity of air it makes at 90PSI. The MAC210Q functions a sturdy oil-cost-free pump and weighs just 36 lbs with a manage and wheels. These compressors are simple to go and ideal for indoor function.
China wholesaler Single Stage VFD Speed Screw Air Compressor Use for Workshop     near me manufacturer China wholesaler Single Stage VFD Speed Screw Air Compressor Use for Workshop     near me manufacturer

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