China Custom W 2300 Series PTO Shaft Replacement of Walterscheid with Hot selling

W 2300 Series PTO Shaft Replacement of Walterscheid

  • Length: 1410mm
  • End 1: 1 3/8″ 6 Spline Yoke
  • End 2: 1 3/8″ 6 Spline K34 Clutch 100Nm
  • Tubing: 0v / 1
  • Guard: SD15
  • Max. dynamic capacity 540 rpm: 28 kW, 500 Nm
    Max. dynamic capacity 1,000 rpm: 44 kW, 415 Nm
    Values at working angle 5° and service life 1000 hours
    LZ = slid-in length in mm, from intersection to intersection

Specifications Of W 2200 Series PTO shaft

Application range
  • Mowers
  • Harvesters
  • Seeders
  • Tractor-side 1–3/8″ (6) shaft collar kit
  • Lubrication interval from 50 to 100 hours
  • Fulfills EC 89/392 EEC requirements
  • Complies with EN12965 safety standard
  • CE marking available
Consists of
  • Semi clutch axle with shielding
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Instruction manual


PTO Shafts Parts and components

EVER-POWER’s PTO shafts and components will keep your equipment working. As a leading supplier of PTO shafts, we stock a wide range of standard, metric and constant velocity drive trains as well as PTO shaft parts and assemblies (implement yokes, clutches, oil lines). We offer drop-in replacement drivetrains and components, providing an easy solution for customizing or repairing your application. ever-power stocks a large number of CV PTO shaft drivetrains.

Tractor Yoke Cross & Bearing Kit Shaft Shaft Weld Yoke
Slip Sleeve Tube Tube Weld Yoke Implement Yoke
Yoke & Shaft Assembly Yoke & Tube Assembly Drivelines Guard & Guard Bearing

PTO Control On A Farm Tractor


The simplest and earliest form of PTO is the gearbox PTO. The PTO shaft is directly connected to the tractor’s transmission. The PTO only works when the tractor’s clutch is disengaged, so if you put the tractor out of gear while slowing down, the PTO will stop working. This is a disadvantage in applications such as lawn mowing.
Transmission PTOs often require an overrunning clutch. Without it, a driven device (such as a lawn mower blade) would apply force to the PTO shaft due to inertia, which would then apply force to the transmission. The equipment will “drive” the tractor, and with the tractor’s drive clutch, you will still be moving. A PTO overrunning clutch prevents this by allowing the PTO shaft to rotate freely in 1 direction. In recent models, this is built into the tractor. In older tractors, it is an extra piece of equipment mounted on the PTO shaft.

Live (two-stage clutch)

The live PTO operates using a two-stage clutch. Pressing the clutch halfway will disengage the transmission while pressing the clutch fully will disengage the transmission and PTO. This allows the operator to slow down or shift gears while the PTO is still running.


Independent PTO means that the PTO shaft is controlled by a separate clutch. Like the live PTO, this allows full control of the tractor while controlling the PTO individually. There are 2 main types of freestanding PTOs; mechanical and hydraulic. In addition to the PTO lever, the mechanically independent PTO uses a separate switch selector. Usually, the tractor must be stopped or turned off to change this selector position. Hydraulic Independent PTO uses a single selector.

PTO Shaft for Agricultural Gearbox

Agricultural equipment such as tractors, combines, and harvesters use the PTO shaft. These components are subjected to high loads and stress, and it is vital to find out why they failed in the first place. Constant compression of the shaft can damage connecting shafts and even the tractor and implement. A PTO shaft for an agricultural gearbox is an integral part of an agricultural implement or tractor. And PTO shaft for the agricultural gearbox is secured with a safety shield at both ends and can be found on implements and tractors. A PTO shaft can be welded to the drive end by using a universal joint, while the rear shaft can be welded directly to the tractor.

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