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Product Description

If you have compressor inquiry please tell us follows information when you send inquiry:
*Compressor working medium: If single gas ,how many purity ? if mixed gas , what’s gas content lit ?
*Suction pressure(gauge pressure):_____barg
*Exhaust pressure(gauge pressure):_____barg
*Flow rate per hour for compressor: _____Nm³/h
Compressor gas suction temperature:_____ºC
Compressor working hours per day :_____hours
Compressor working site altitude :_____m
Environment temperature : _____ºC
Has cooling water in the site or not ?______
Voltage and frequency for 3 phase :____________
Do not has water vapor or H2S in the gas ?______
Application for compressor?__________

Oil free Sulfur Hexafluoride Compresor SF6 Technial Parameters

Model Flow Rate Nm3/h Inlet Pressure
Discharge Pressure
Rated Power
Inlet Port
Outlet Port
VWZ-10/6-45 10 0.6 4.5 4 M36*2 M36X2 1000*600*750
VWZ-20/6-45 20 0.6 4.5 5.5 M36*2 M36X2 1000*600*750
WWZ-30/6-45 30 0.6 4.5 7.5 M36*2 M36X2 1100*640*870
WWZ-40/6-45 40 0.6 4.5 11 M36**2 M36X2 1200*700*870
WWZ-60/6-45 60 0.6 4.5 15 M36*2 M36X2 1200*730*870
WWZ-80/6-45 80 0.6 4.5 18.5 M36*2 M36X2 1300*760*870

SF6 Sulfur Hexafluoride Compressor Features:
SF6 gas booster compressor was designed 100% oil-free. Its CZPT ring, piston ring using self-lubricating materials, bearing parts using high-temperature grease lubrication, to avoid the compression process of gas pollution, ensure the purity of gas no any contacts.

Its shaft head seal is sealed by rotating magnetic fluid seal. Highly Effective prevent the leakage of sulfur hexafluoride gas, reduce gas loss, ensure the safety and CZPT of operators, and avoid environmental pollution caused by toxic substances.

  1. 100% Oil-free Lubrication, the gas is clean, high purity, and non-polluting.
  2. High efficiency and low energy consumption.
  3. Fully balanced design, low vibration.
  4. High reliability, continuous operations
  5. No special basic requirements, easy to install for use and maintenance.
  6. Air-cooled or water-cooled can be chosen, to reduce installation cost.
  7. Compact structure, low operating and maintenance cost.

Application of SF6 Gas Compressor (Sulfur Hexafluoride Compressor):
This series compressor is suitable for recovering sulfur hexafluoride gas.
Suction pressure: can be minus pressure from -0.05Mpag to -.6Mpa(G)  (-0.05) ~ 0.6Mpa (G), Discharge pressure: can reach to 5.0Mpa (G)
SF6 gas can be highly efficient recycling by CZPT SF6 recycling booster compressor.
And it also mainly used in the repair and maintenance of SF4 circuit breakers, recycling SR Gas in the circuit breaker.

The advantages  & usages of sulfur hexafluoride gas 

1. As a refrigerant in the refrigeration industry, the refrigeration range can be between -45°C and 0°C.

2.  The electrical industry uses its high dielectric strength and good arc extinguishing performance as an insulating material for high-voltage switches, large-capacity transformers, high-voltage cables and gases. Sulfur hexafluoride is widely used in the electrical industry for its good insulating properties and arc extinguishing properties, such as circuit breakers, high-voltage switches, high-voltage transformers, gas-enclosed combined capacitors, high-voltage transmission lines, transformers, etc. Gas insulators for electronic equipment, radar waveguides, particle accelerators, transformers, arresters, etc.

3. It is used as a desorbent in the mining industry to replace oxygen in coal dust in mines.

4. Play role as a tracer. Because sulfur hexafluoride is highly sensitive, non-toxic, stable in performance, reliable in inspection methods, and has very little content in nature, it is often used as a tracer in the environmental protection industry. For air pollution monitoring and hydrogeological research. As a widely used tracer for the determination of air pollution, sulfur hexafluoride has a tracer distance of up to 100 kilometers.

5. Electronic grade sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is suitable for cleaning and etching processes in TFT-LCD panel factories and semiconductor factories and can be used as a single-film fiber isolation layer dopant in the manufacturing process of optical fibers. Electronic grade high-purity sulfur hexafluoride is an ideal electronic etchant and is widely used in the field of microelectronics technology.

6. SF6 is also widely used in metal smelting (such as magnesium alloy melting CZPT protective gas), aerospace, medical (X-ray machine, laser machine), meteorology ( Tracer analysis), chemical industry (advanced car tires, new fire extinguishers), etc. In the smelting and casting process of non-ferrous metals, sulfur hexafluoride can prevent the oxidation of magnesium and its alloy melts, and can also be used for degassing and purification of aluminum and its alloy melts.

7. In the pharmaceutical industry, the most advanced contrast agent ultrasound method CnTI currently uses sulfur hexafluoride as the contrast agent. The other name called SonoVue (SonoVue), can diagnose, and is said to increase the screw pressure, so as to provide full power independent of diving depth.

8. Inflate pure gaseous sulfur hexafluoride into the finished sports ball inner tube to reach a usable air pressure. The inner tube pressure of the sports ball will remain stable for a long time. The sports ball can be used for a long time without the need for a second inflation to supplement the air pressure.

9.  Standard gas, leak detection gas, carrier gas of chromatograph.

The Oil free Oxygen piston booster compressor is widely used in oxygen industry such as air separation oxygen plant and medical industry.

Technical Paramter of Oil Free Piston Oxygen Gas Booster Compressor

Model Flow rate Suction Pressure Discharge Pressure Motor Power Dimension Interface diameter
Nm3/h MPa MPa KW mm×mm×mm  
ZWZ-5/1.5-10 5 0.15 1 1.5 1000×500×700 Rc 1/2′
VWZ-10/1.5-10 10 0.15 1 2.2 1000×500×700 Rc 1′
VWZ-15/1.5-10 15 0.15 1 3 1000×500×700 Rc 1′
WWZ-20/1.5-10 20 0.15 1 4 1200×650×800 Rc 1′
WWZ-25/1.5-10 25 0.15 1 5.5 1200×650×800 Rc 1′
WWZ-30/1.5-10 30 0.15 1 5.5 1200×650×800 Rc 1′
WWZ-50/1.5-10 50 0.15 1 7.5 1200×650×800 Rc 1′
ZWZ-5/4-14 5 0.4 1.4 1.5 1000×500×700 Rc 1/2′
ZWZ-10/4-14 10 0.4 1.4 2.2 1000×500×700 Rc 1′
ZWZ-15/4-14 15 0.4 1.4 2.2 1000×500×700 Rc 1′
VWZ-20/4-14 20 0.4 1.4 3 1200×650×800 Rc 1′
VWZ-25/4-14 25 0.4 1.4 4 1200×650×800 Rc 1′
VWZ-30/4-14 30 0.4 1.4 5.5 1200×650×800 Rc 1′
WWZ-50/4-14 50 0.4 1.4 7.5 1200×650×800 Rc 1′

All standard cylinder oxygen filling diaphragm compressor are CE marked to meet the requirements of the EU market. We can also provide customized plant filling oxygen compressor according to customer conditions. Our microboost medical oxygen compressor have the following features According to the different working conditions of the customer:
1. Completely 100% oil free, no oil required (depending on the specific model)
2. Oxygen for  PSA Oxygen Generator
3. NO pollution, keep the same purity into the gas
4. RELIABLE and high quality, comparable to the American RIX brand.
5. TOP low cost, low maintenance cost, simple operation, just change the piston ring
6. 4000 hours piston ring working life under low pressure conditions, 1000-2000 hours working life under high pressure conditions
7. High quality high efficient brand motor, can be customized for high sea level use with more long service life.
8. CE approved to meet the requirements of the EU market
9. According to the customer’s specific working conditions, the compressor is designed for single machine compression, two-stage compression, three-stage compression and four-stage compression.
10. Low speed, long life, average speed 360-760RPM,
11. Low noise, average noise below 75dB, can work quietly in the medical field
12. Each stage has an interstage safety valve. If the stage is overpressured, the safety valve will take off and release the overpressure gas to ensure the stable operation of the compressor.
13. Each level has a temperature controller. If the temperature between the stages exceeds the standard, the temperature display will sound and light alarm.

Oil free Process Gas Piston Compressor

Description of Advantages of Oil-free Piston Compressor 
1) Totally 100% oil free type gas compressor, cylinder no need oil lubrication, ensure cylinder 100% no oil content.
2) Suitable compressing for Oxygen gas, Hydrogen gas, Nitrogen gas, Helium gas, Argon gas, CO2 gas, Air gas, Biogas, Methane gas and other special gas 
3) No pollution, keep same purity to inlet gas
4) Reliable and top quality, comparable with USA RIX brand.
5) Top cost performance, low maintenance cost, and easy operation, only need to change piston ring
6) 4000 hours piston ring working life,1500-2000 hours working life for final stage ring 7
7) Top brand motor, and can be specially pointed, like Simense brand
8) Supply Japan market, quality approval by Japan strictly system
9) CE approval
10) The gas compressor carefully designed and manufactured for 2Mpa, 4Mpa,10Mpa, 15Mpa, 20MPa-30MPa pressure etc.
11)  The device has a small size, lightweight, easy maintenance, and friendly at moving and operating.
12) Output gas non-toxic, odorless. Suitable for filling high-pressure air displacement and small and medium-sized gas station

Power(Hp,Kw):   3KW-110KW

Working Pressure(Bar,Psi):    150/200/250/300bar/350bar

Air Delivery(L/min,CFM):   5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/50/60/100 Nm3/Hr

Inlet pressure ,outlet pressure:  0.2-0.4Mpa, 10Mpa/15Mpa/20Mpa/23Mpa/30Mpa

Speed(r.p.m):   200-400

pressure stage:   3-4-5barg

Net Weight(Kgs): 1200

Cooling way:   Air cooling/water cooling

150bar  Oil-Free Piston Type Oxygen Booster Compressor Technical Parameters Table
Model Flow rate Suction Pressure Discharge Pressure Motor Power Inlet Interface diameter Outlet Interface diameter Dimension
Nm3/h MPa MPa KW mm×mm×mm
WWZ-5/4-150 5 0.4 15 4 DN20 M14×1.5 1080×820×850
WWZ-8/4-150 8 0.4 15 5.5 DN20 M14×1.5 1080×820×850
WWZ-10/4-150 10 0.4 15 7.5 DN20 M14×1.5 1080×870×850
WWZ-12/4-150 12 0.4 15 7.5 DN20 M14×1.5 1080×870×850
WWZ-15/4-150 15 0.4 15 11 DN20 M14×1.5 1150×970×850
WWZ-20/4-150 20 0.4 15 15 DN20 M14×1.5 1150×970×850
WWZ-25/4-150 15 0.4 15 11 DN20 M14×1.5 1150×970×850
WWZ-30/4-150 20 0.4 15 15 DN20 M14×1.5 1150×970×850
WWZ-25/4-150 25 0.4 15 11 DN20 M14×1.5 1350×1100×950
WWZ-30/4-150 30 0.4 15 15 DN20 M14×1.5 1450×1100×1000
WWZ-45/4-150 45 0.4 15 18.5 DN20 M14×1.5 1580×1200×1120
WWZ-50/4-150 50 0.4 15 18.5 DN20 M14×1.5 1680×1250×1220
WWZ-60/4-150 60 0.4 15 22 DN20 M14×1.5 1780×1300×1250

Recommend the another Oil free Diphragm Compressor

The diaphragm compressor booster is a special structure of the volume-type compressor with high compression ratio, good leak tightness, compressed gas without lubricating oil and other solid impurities contaminated features, So it’s suitable for high purity compression, rare, valuable, inflammable, explosive, toxic, harmful, corrosive, and high pressure gas.

Keepwin produced Helium compressor, Oxygen Compressor, Hydrogen Compressor, Nitrogen Compressor, Recovery H2 Gas compressor, Argon compressor, cylinder filling booster compressor, etc widely used in Petrochemicals, Fine ChemicalsPharmaceutical ChemicalsEnergy ChemicalsMachinery IndustryElectronics IndustryAgricultureAnimal Husbandry and Defense Industry, AstronomyAerospace, Medical and other fields.
Advantages of Diaphragm compressor:
1.  Oil-free compression due to the hermetic separation between gas and oil chamber.
2.  Abrasion-free compression due to static seals in the gas stream
3.  Automatic shutdown in case of a diaphragm failure prevents damage
4.  High Compression Ratios-Discharge pressure up to 1000bar (14500 psig).
5.  Contamination Free Compression
6.  Corrosion Resistance
7.  High Reliability

As a displacement compressor with special,diaphragm compressor is characterized by large compression ratio,good sealing performace,and that the compress air will not be polluted by lubricant or other solid impurities.Therefore diaphragm compressor is applicable to compress high-purity,rare and precious,flammable and explosive,toxic and hazardous,corrosive and high pressure gases.
Keepwin diaghragm compressors consist of 4 types that are Z,V,L and D type.The exhaust pressure ranges from 1.3 to 100 Mpa. The products are widely used in the industries of national defense,scientific research, petrochemical, nuclear power, parmaceutical, food-stuff and gas separation.

We offer a wide variety and types of diaphragm compressors. You can install these in many different scenarios. It is possible to install the compressors in hydrogen houses between and electrolyzer and a storage system, in businesses to support their needs such as ice cream companies for hydrogenation, at farmers where they use it to produce ammonia or as a fuel at the back of a wind farm or solar farm, and refineries to pressurise the hydrogen before it is being used to clean up the gas or oil. There are also many applications for our H2 gas compressors.

For instance, you can also use the diaphragm compressor in green hydrogen transport applications, energy storage solutions, grid balancing, food processing, and power station cooling. We pride ourselves at ensuring that as many applications of our compressor units use renewable electricity to pressure the hydrogen.

Each of our H2 compressor units is unique. It is built to your needs all with the latest innovations in hydrogen compression, safety, and operation. We offer different hydrogen flow and pressures all set to match your storage working pressure.

We can customize hydrogen into different types of storage systems at 150bar 200 bar, 350 bar (5000 psi), 450 bar, 500 bar, 700 bar (10,000 psi), 900 bar (13,000 psi).

Main technical data

All the cylinders comprise upper plate, diaphragms, and cylinder body etc. The diaphragms are clamped between the cylinder cover and cylinder body. The cylinder cover and cylinder body each has a concave recess hollowed out in their contacting faces. The gas cylinder is formed between cylinder cover concave recess and diaphragms. Both suction valve and discharge valve are fitted on the upper plate. Among of them, the discharge valve is located on the center of the upper plate. The evenly located small oil holes are on the cylinder body to deliver the oil pressure inside the oil cylinder to the bottom of diaphragms (each diaphragm compressor’s cylinder has 3 piece diaphragm.) 

Pressure Regulating Valve 
The oil pressure of oil cylinder is regulated by the tension of the valve spring.In case the oil pressure is higher than the regulated value, turn the regulating bolt counter-clockwise to loosen the spring tension, but turn the regulating bolt clockwise to tighten the spring, when the oil pressure is lower than the regulated value. When the oil pressure meets the required value, the regulating bolt must be locked with a lock-nut. The oil pressure of the oil cylinder shall always be higher than the discharge pressure by 15~20%. But the oil and gas differential pressure shall not be lower than 0.3MPa or higher than 1.5MPa. 

The cooler structure is the double-wall pipe type. The circular space between the outer and inner pipe is the cooling water passage and the inner pipe is the gas passage. Normally the water inlet port is at the lower side and the water outlet port is at the upper side. The flow direction of cooling water and gas is on the contrary.

Oil Pressure Measuring Device 
The measuring device of oil cylinder discharge pressure consists of shock-proof pressure gauge, check valve and unloading valve. The case of the pressure gauge is totally airproof and filled with damping liquid. The inner devices of gauge is immersed in the liquid, which makes the pressure gauge hands stable through the function of the viscosity of damping liquid. The unloading valve is fitted under the gauge to discharge the remained air in the oil pipeline   and to unload the oil pressure gauge. Also the check valve connecting with oil cylinder through pipeline is fitted under the unloading valve.   

Oil pipes 
Oil pipes consist of lube oil pipe and oil pressure secure system.

The lubrication for the driving device adopts gear oil pump circulation pressure lubricating. The lube oil stored in the frame oil tank enters into the gear oil pump after being filtered and is pressed into the oil holes in the crankshaft through the gear oil pump to lubricate the crankshaft friction surface. At the same time, part of the lube oil reaches the crosshead pin and crosshead along the oil holes in the connecting rod to lubricate the friction surface. The oil pressure of gear oil pump shall be kept between 0.3~0.5Mpa, and the bearings at the 2 ends of crankshaft is splash lubricated. 
Oil pressure secure system consists of oil compensating pipe, pressure-measuring pipe and oil return pipe. The oil output from the oil compensating pump will supplement oil for compressor cylinders through the oil compensating pipe and the excess oil returns to the crankcase through the pressure-regulating valve.

Q1: What’s your delivery time?
A: Generally 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. Or it is 20-35 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

Q2: How long is your air compressor warranty?
A: Usually 1 year /12 Months for whole compressor machine, 2years/24months for air end (except maintenance spare parts.). And we can provide further warranty if necessary. 

Q3: How long could your air compressor be used?
A: Generally, more than 10 years.

Q4: Can you do OEM for us?
A: Yes, of course. We have around 2 decades OEM experience.And also we can do ODM for you.

Q5: What’s payment term?
A: T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Credit Card, Trade Assurance and etc. Also we could accept USD, RMB, GBP, Euro and other currency.

Q6: How about your customer service?
A: 24 hours on-line service available. 48hours problem sovled promise.

Q7: How about your after-sales service?
A: 1. Provide customers with intallation and commissioning online instructions.
2. Well-trained engineers available to overseas after-sales service. 

Q8. Are you factory?
A4: Absolutely! You have touched the primary sources of Air /Gas Compressor. We are factory.

How to contact with us?
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Choose an Air Compressor for Your Business

There are several factors to consider when choosing an air compressor for your business. One factor to consider is the type of compressor you are looking for, which may include single-stage, low noise, and positive displacement. Hope this article helps you make the right decision. After all, your business success will depend on this device! Let’s take a closer look at these factors. Also, consider what compressor manufacturers say about their products.

Positive displacement

Positive displacement air compressors compress air by drawing in a volume from an inlet and extruding it out of a chamber. This increases the pressure at which the gas can be pumped at rates that cannot be pumped through the outlet at lower pressures at higher mass flow rates. These types of compressors are available in single-acting and double-acting configurations. They are classified by the number of cylinders.
There are 2 different types of air compressors: reciprocating air compressors and screw compressors. Both are roll machines. Positive displacement air compressors use pistons and cylinders to compress air. The resulting air pressure builds up within the compressor housing, increasing the potential energy of the compressed air. Screw air compressors are the most popular positive displacement air compressors, which can be either single-stage screw-blade air compressors or multi-stage screw-blade oil-immersed screw air compressors.
Positive displacement flowmeters use a rotating measuring chamber to divide the fluid into discrete quantities. The number of times the chamber was refilled and emptied was used to estimate the total flow. However, positive displacement flow meters are prone to leaks, reducing the accuracy of the estimates. If a leak occurs, it can cause false readings and damage the compressor. However, leaks in positive displacement air compressors can reduce pressure.
The most common types of positive displacement air compressors are screw, reciprocating, and vane. Rotary positive displacement air compressors are also available as well as many other air compressors. Positive displacement air compressors are most commonly used in large manufacturing facilities. If you are considering an air compressor for commercial or industrial applications, it is imperative to understand how the components of the unit work. Please read the information below to learn more before deciding which application is best for you.
Positive displacement air compressors use a piston to force air into a chamber, compressing the air in the process. The piston moves in the opposite direction, thereby reducing the volume of the chamber. When the amount of air in the chamber reaches its maximum value, the valve opens, allowing it to escape at higher pressure. Positive displacement air compressors are generally less efficient than centrifugal compressors. However, they are still an excellent choice for a variety of applications.


The discharge pressure of the single-stage air compressor is used to control the operation of the compressor. Properly designed load/unload controls allow the air compressor to operate at its most efficient point while minimizing stress on the main engine bearings. Single-stage air compressors can approach variable speed efficiency with appropriate storage capacity. However, improper storage can cause premature bearing wear on the main unit. If this is the case, a single-stage air compressor may not be ideal.
A single-stage air compressor has only 1 cylinder, which means 1 stroke is required to move air from 1 cylinder to another. Pressure is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. Tank size is also important as a large single-stage air compressor may be required to operate multiple air tools. Single-stage air compressors can be used in a variety of applications and can last for years.
For the most common uses, single-stage air compressors are the most practical option. These devices work with most hand tools, from hammers to grinders. Single-stage air compressors are lightweight and easy to move. However, two-stage air compressors provide more CFM, making them a better choice for industrial or commercial use. However, two-stage compressors are not suitable for private use. Therefore, if your main purpose is DIY and craft projects, it is better to choose a single-stage air compressor.
Compared with two-stage air compressors, single-stage screw air compressors are cheaper. They come from a variety of manufacturers and range in power from 3 to 600 horsepower. Single-stage air compressors are a cost-effective solution for a variety of air compressor needs. They offer flexibility and multiple control methods, making them an excellent choice for many different applications. Therefore, when choosing an air compressor for your business, choose the 1 with the most suitable functions.
Single-stage air compressors are the most affordable and easy-to-use air compressors for small to medium jobs. They also have higher compression ratios. The compression ratio is the ratio of absolute discharge pressure to absolute inlet pressure. When calculating the ratio, it takes into account atmospheric pressure and gauge pressure. The compression ratio pushes the surface area of ​​the rotor, which increases the thrust load.
Single-stage air compressors are smaller and easier to transport than two-stage units. Single-stage air compressors have 1 air intake, and two-stage air compressors have 2 air intakes. The difference between single-stage and two-stage air compressors largely depends on the number of times the air is compressed. A single-stage air compressor compresses the air once, while a dual-stage air compressor compresses the same amount of air twice.

low noise

Low noise air compressors are ideal for a variety of applications. While no air compressor is completely silent, some models are much quieter than others. For the Hitachi EC28M portable compressor, the noise level is 59 decibels. The compressor features steel rollers that protect the internal components and give it a sleek, modern look. It also has a one-gallon fuel tank and a half-horsepower drive.
Noise from air compressors can be distracting and reduce productivity. It is important to choose low-noise air compressors to keep employees healthy and happy at work. While noise is an unfortunate aspect of working on the shop floor, reducing it can improve productivity. By reducing distracting noise, employees can focus on their work and communicate more effectively. That means higher quality work and happier clients. If you’re looking for a low-noise air compressor, be sure to read the tips below.
Low noise air compressors are an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. These powerful tools can run multiple tools simultaneously. The 2 water tanks are made of rust-resistant aluminum and are stackable. This air compressor is heavier and can handle large jobs with ease. It costs more than other air compressors, but it can handle a lot of work efficiently. CZPT Air Tools air compressors come with a one-year warranty and are highly recommended by contractors.
Noiseless air compressors are generally more expensive than comparable products, but they are worth the extra cost. Noiseless compressors are a good option for businesses that need to avoid disturbing nearby people. For example, you might want to consider a low-noise air compressor for a dental office, which cannot tolerate noise. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by relocating the compressor to a location that is more isolated from your workspace.
One brand of low-noise air compressors offers 2 models. The CZPT Air Tools 2010A features a large cast aluminum can, regulating pressure gauge, and 2 universal quick-connects. It produces 68 decibels of noise when it works. It has a large 8-gallon fuel tank capacity and has wheels and handles for easy transport. Its powerful engine produces a low noise level of 68 decibels.
Another popular low noise air compressor is the Makita MAC210Q Quiet Series. This model is capable of producing up to 71.5 decibels of sound, which is the amount of air it produces at 90PSI. The MAC210Q features a durable oil-free pump and weighs just 36 pounds with a handle and wheels. These compressors are easy to move and ideal for indoor work.
China Best Quality Anti-Acid Sulfur Hexafluoride Sf6 Gas Compressor Hydrogen Compressor Oil Free Piston Compressor  China Best Quality Anti-Acid Sulfur Hexafluoride Sf6 Gas Compressor Hydrogen Compressor Oil Free Piston Compressor

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